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Biofilm Defense and Treatment

Why Do We Brush 2x Day?

Have you ever wondered why dentists always recommend you brush at least twice a day? Do we really miss the mark if we only brush once a day? Yes! Why? The answer is biofilm.

What is Biofilm?

If you’ve ever missed a day brushing and felt that your teeth just don’t feel as smooth as they used to, you’re no stranger to biofilm. This thick, fur-like deposit on the surface of your teeth is made up from from basically a colony of millions of bacteria in your mouth that form, you guessed it, “film”.

Dental Biofilm Defense Treatment for Plaque | Harbor Dental Fort Collins Family-Friendly DentistryThe reason we recommend you brush twice a day is it takes about 12 hours for the biofilm to reform after you brush it off. If you weren’t to brush, eventually the biofilm calcifies (hardens) and becomes plaque, which can ultimately increase your risk for periodontal disease. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash or rinsing your mouth out with water several times a day are optimal biofilm defense measures to lessen the bacterial load in your mouth. They can also help prevent gum infection, bad breath, and teeth staining.

You can also help control the type of bacteria in your mouth by eating foods that contain probiotics, the good bacteria that supports and promotes healthy dental hygiene. And, because Biofilm forms faster after mealtimes, you can make the grade by being an A+ brusher by taking a toothbrush with you to work and brushing your teeth after lunch.

What Are My Options?

Some patients may require professional biofilm defense treatments with concentrated solutions of biofilm remover or biofilm cleaner depending upon the amount of bacterial load in the mouth and overall dental health. To learn more about biofilm defense treatments and discuss your options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ciaran Murphy at Harbor Dental Family-Friendly Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO today.